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A wiki is a website containing many articles which are creatable and editable by anybody (in this case, registered users to avoid spam).

The unofficial official SONG FIGHT! wiki is (this website). "Manhattan Glutton" owns the domain, pays for the hosting, and does all the heavy lifting. He does not plan on losing his job/dying/quitting song fight/etc. any time soon. Wiki dumps will be made available for the paranoid in the future.


  • to integrate archive data in a friendly, linkable way
  • to provide a place for artists to elaborate on their songs
  • to chronicle Song Fight's history in wiki form
  • to centralize Song Fight's "lost data" that is spread over this forum, other wikis, and other websites
  • to document frequently asked Song Fight questions that are asked over and over on the forums

The Basics

  • Artists imported from the archive have pages named "Artist Name (artist)".
  • Fights imported from the archive have pages named "Song Title (Song Fight! title)".
  • Links are automatically generated to "Song Title (Artist Name song)" - this is where you fill in all your dirty song meanings and information.
  • When you sign up, you have a User:(username) page. You can use that to play around or document your life.
  • Pages that start with Template: should probably not be touched unless you are familiar with wiki editing.
  • All other pages are free-reign. I try to keep things as Wikipedia-like as possible for consistency and lack of thinking.


First, you need to sign up. Sorry, this is necessary due to excessive spam issues. Then, you can start editing! Wiki markup is pretty easy. You can learn about it here.

The first thing you'll probably want to do is change the blurb on your artist page. Go for it. Just don't remove the templates. In this case, the templates include artist information imported from the archive. Starting on 9/11/2011, it should be safe to edit these pages and never worry about re-import conflicts again.

Beyond that, you can:

  • Add 'notes' about your songs (the notes link on both the fight and artist pages) - Jan has some great examples
  • Upload songs or demos you never submitted
  • Document common Song Fight terms
  • Document common Song Fight forum questions
  • Import data from other Song Fight wikis
  • Generally help new folks figure out this wacky world of Song Fighting by improving and adding articles
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