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See wikipedia or the main website for now.



Entering a song[1]

  1. Write a song based on one of the titles posted. Songs written before the title was announced are not eligible for competition. No covers are allowed, unless you are so creative with it that we can't tell it's a cover.
  2. Make an MP3 file out of your song. Please use the lowest bitrate that sounds decent. 128kbps is preferred.
  3. Compose a new email message.
    • To:
    • Subject: The Title You Chose
    • Body: Your Band Name Here
  4. Attach your MP3 file to the message, then send it by or before the deadline for the fight.

Submitting archive information[2]

If, for some reason, this wiki is not awesome enough for you:

  1. Compose a new email message.
    • To:
    • Subject: songfight archive listing
    • Body:
      • Your Band Name Here
      • Location
      • Website URL
      • Description
      • See Also Band1, See Also Band2
  2. Attach a 400x400 pixel jpg image of your band.

Receiving feedback

It's a barrage of contradictory feedback from anonymous strangers that's nearly impossible to process in any meaningful way.

If you try to take everyone's advice into account, you will go insane. Do not do this. Artists have conflicting and strong opinions about things. Rather, identify core areas of improvement that most people can agree upon: recording method, performance, vocal delivery, and so on. If you make your song sound pro, it will gather acclaim regardless of the conflicting opinions. The important thing is to continue to be yourself while improving.




Live events

Affiliated internets

Song Fight! is anarchistically totalitarian in nature. In short, there are many related websites that are run by random people who don't talk. [citation needed]


IRC channel


This wiki

You're reading it. Once you settle in, how about you help out?


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