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Help for you

Internal Documents

There isn't much here yet. Naming conventions

File Naming

Please be long and explicit in your file names.

Song notes

If you would like to add information about your song, see the awesome examples and templates Jan Krueger (artist) has provided.


If you need a template, make one. Try to use wikipedia as your guide - if they have an identical template, steal it.

External Documents

General Wiki Help

Help for me

Song Fight! Archive Importing

We do this with a bot. See Help:Import bot. If you notice an issue, it's ok to fix it but please let someone know.

Known Issues

  • Need better integration with SF Jukebox, maybe we can ignore above problem
  • artist <3 needs to be helped

Simple fixes

  • Fix the dates on the songs that are inaccurate (The Proposal and that other one from '1987')
    • The dates on the artist pages need to be fixed as well. If someone lets me know, I can automate this.
  • Graphs need to suck less
    • Font
    • Spacing issues
  • Template and page for current announced title
  • Import data (see list below)
  • Information on Song Fight in general, Song Fight! live, etc.
  • Information on recording, Portal:Recording recording portal is a good place to start

External information to import

Bigger issues

  • Need to make wiki look nice. If you find a stylesheet or make one, it'd be really cool.
  • The next fight will be up in a week. I'd like to automate importing that automatically without another full-scale import.
  • Need more templates. Nav box. "Series" boxes to allow more automated navigation of topics/artists/song fight-related things.
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