The John Benjamin Band

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The John Benjamin Band
Artist The John Benjamin Band image.jpg
Listen: SF Jukebox
First: On A Line (2001)
Latest: They Meet (2009)
Record: 3 wins / 39 entries (8%)

Song Fight! History

Date Title Vote% Rank Download Notes
2001-03-18 On A Line link Notes
2001-03-25 Black Hole link Notes
2001-04-02 Run Free link Notes
2001-04-10 Yellow Lasers link Notes
2001-04-17 Stronger Than link Notes
2001-04-24 120 MPH link Notes
2001-04-30 New Planet link Notes
2001-05-09 Dad I'm Changing link Notes
2001-05-16 Listen Close link Notes
2001-05-21 It's Invisible link Notes
2001-06-12 Tracks For Future Practice link Notes
2001-06-20 I Can See You link Notes
2001-07-06 Red Robot link Notes
2001-07-27 Birds Of Our Own link Notes
2001-08-02 Down To The Atom link Notes
2001-08-17 Firecrackers link Notes
2001-09-06 Alright Alright 1 link Notes
2001-10-09 Skyline link Notes
2001-11-15 My Sister 1 link Notes
2001-11-23 Indie Rock Bottom link Notes
2001-12-19 Husky Youth link Notes
2002-04-01 Bad Dreams link Notes
2002-07-12 Criminal Charges link Notes
2002-07-29 Funny Enough For You link Notes
2002-10-15 Two Bucks and I'm Yours link Notes
2002-12-31 Man Of The Year link Notes
2003-04-02 Straw Man 10% 3 link Notes
2003-05-02 Shreds 1% 14 link Notes
2003-06-30 Sunny Again 5% 4 link Notes
2003-07-28 Unless I Change My Mind 2% 13 link Notes
2003-08-18 What We Need More Of Is Science 11% 2 link Notes
2004-01-23 Fire Bomb 13% 1 link Notes
2004-12-13 Wrath Of God 7% 7 link Notes
2005-03-25 Systematic Panic 17% 2 link Notes
2006-08-25 All Tan 4% 6 link Notes
2006-09-27 You Get The Wiser 3% 10 link Notes
2006-10-25 Plastic Rose 9% 3 link Notes
2009-03-14 The Proposal 9% 2 link Notes
2009-07-20 They Meet 4% 10 link Notes

Graphical Timeline

They Meet (Song Fight! title)The Proposal (Song Fight! title)Plastic Rose (Song Fight! title)You Get The Wiser (Song Fight! title)All Tan (Song Fight! title)Systematic Panic (Song Fight! title)Wrath Of God (Song Fight! title)Fire Bomb (Song Fight! title)What We Need More Of Is Science (Song Fight! title)Unless I Change My Mind (Song Fight! title)Sunny Again (Song Fight! title)Shreds (Song Fight! title)Straw Man (Song Fight! title)Man Of The Year (Song Fight! title)Two Bucks and I'm Yours (Song Fight! title)Funny Enough For You (Song Fight! title)Criminal Charges (Song Fight! title)Bad Dreams (Song Fight! title)Husky Youth (Song Fight! title)Indie Rock Bottom (Song Fight! title)My Sister (Song Fight! title)Skyline (Song Fight! title)Alright Alright (Song Fight! title)Firecrackers (Song Fight! title)Down To The Atom (Song Fight! title)Birds Of Our Own (Song Fight! title)Red Robot (Song Fight! title)I Can See You (Song Fight! title)Tracks For Future Practice (Song Fight! title)It's Invisible (Song Fight! title)Listen Close (Song Fight! title)Dad I'm Changing (Song Fight! title)New Planet (Song Fight! title)120 MPH (Song Fight! title)Stronger Than (Song Fight! title)Yellow Lasers (Song Fight! title)Run Free (Song Fight! title)Black Hole (Song Fight! title)On A Line (Song Fight! title)

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