The Anchors

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The Anchors
Listen: SF Jukebox
First: Too Far Away (2006)
Latest: Thank God for Memphis (2007)
Record: 3 wins / 8 entries (38%)

Song Fight! History

Date Title Vote% Rank Download Notes
2006-01-20 Too Far Away 16% 1 link Notes
2006-02-13 April Morning, With a Peach 24% 1 link Notes
2006-03-17 Not Like That 13% 4 link Notes
2006-05-10 VW 35% 2 link Notes
2006-06-26 Kim Deal 20% 1 link Notes
2006-07-18 Smoke Right 14% 3 link Notes
2007-03-07 Couldn't Have Been Worse 4% 8 link Notes
2007-08-20 Thank God for Memphis 0% 28 link Notes

Graphical Timeline

Thank God for Memphis (Song Fight! title)Couldn't Have Been Worse (Song Fight! title)Smoke Right (Song Fight! title)Kim Deal (Song Fight! title)VW (Song Fight! title)Not Like That (Song Fight! title)April Morning, With a Peach (Song Fight! title)Too Far Away (Song Fight! title)

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