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The forums are 'tightly' integrated with Song Fight! culture. Comprising of over 9000 sub-forums, only about 5 are active at any given time. Don't be fooled by the small handful of regular posters - there are potentially hundreds of lurkers waiting for the right moment.


Integration with Song Fight!


When a new title is posted, a "pre-fight' thread is started in the Fight Discussions and Reviews sub-forum by the Fightmaster containing fight details.

Review Thread

When the due date has passed, the fight will not be posted by the Fightmaster until someone makes a review thread and cover art is submitted.


Participants are encouraged to create a thread for the fight and post lyrics within in the Ye Olde Lyric Archive sub-forum.

Tips and Tricks

PROTIP: Use the New Posts link otherwise you'll never find where the activity is hiding.

Forum Layout


  • Song Fight!
  • Forums

Song Fight!

  • Fight Discussions and Reviews
  • Song Fight! Live
  • Sidefights and Highlights
  • Concerts and Events
  • Ye Olde Lyric Archive
  • Collaborations
  • Quality Control
  • Complaints and Suggestions

General Music

  • Help and How To
  • Currently digging

Miscellaneous Debris

  • Monkey Business
  • Daily Roll Call
  • Politics and Other Crap
  • Introductions
  • Movies
  • Books
  • Television
  • Silly Polls
  • Video Games
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