Loyalty Day

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Loyalty Day
Artist Loyalty Day image.jpg
Location: Berkeley, CA
Website: link
Listen: SF Jukebox
First: The Puppet's Dream (2004)
Latest: What's in it for Me? (2005)
Record: 7 wins / 14 entries (50%)

LOYALTY DAY is a four-piece rock band from Berkeley, CA, which combines vintage and contemporary musical elements into a new and exciting style. They propel rock music into other dimensions, weaving tales of forlorn lovers with mind altering melodies. LOYALTY DAY means business. The universe may never be the same.

Song Fight! History

Date Title Vote% Rank Download Notes
2004-04-20 The Puppet's Dream 8% 4 link Notes
2004-05-04 Talk About Your Feelings 10% 4 link Notes
2004-05-20 A Promise is a Promise 11% 3 link Notes
2004-05-28 Hey Ruth 11% 1 link Notes
2004-06-23 The Chair We Share 33% 1 link Notes
2004-06-30 Texas 3% 10 link Notes
2004-08-16 Chainsaw 6% 7 link Notes
2004-09-13 Are You Having Fun? 5% 7 link Notes
2004-09-27 Laugh Riot 29% 1 link Notes
2004-10-04 Motor Psycho 14% 2 link Notes
2005-02-14 Hollywood Fantasy 40% 1 link Notes
2005-05-09 Get Me Back 43% 1 link Notes
2005-06-06 Crossroads 32% 1 link Notes
2005-06-13 What's in it for Me? 15% 1 link Notes

Graphical Timeline

What's in it for Me? (Song Fight! title)Crossroads (Song Fight! title)Get Me Back (Song Fight! title)Hollywood Fantasy (Song Fight! title)Motor Psycho (Song Fight! title)Laugh Riot (Song Fight! title)Are You Having Fun? (Song Fight! title)Chainsaw (Song Fight! title)Texas (Song Fight! title)The Chair We Share (Song Fight! title)Hey Ruth (Song Fight! title)A Promise is a Promise (Song Fight! title)Talk About Your Feelings (Song Fight! title)The Puppet's Dream (Song Fight! title)

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