Kill Me Sarah

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Kill Me Sarah
Artist Kill Me Sarah image.jpg
Listen: SF Jukebox
First: Don't Think I Don't Miss You (2006)
Latest: Cryptic Comment (2008)
Record: 0 wins / 12 entries (0%)

Song Fight! History

Date Title Vote% Rank Download Notes
2006-01-20 Don't Think I Don't Miss You 5% 4 link Notes
2006-01-28 Adonai 1% 11 link Notes
2006-02-28 Not Exactly Normal 1% 14 link Notes
2006-03-08 Clouds Were Touching the Ground 0% 13 link Notes
2006-03-17 Nothing Day 6% 8 link Notes
2006-03-24 I'm Warning You 3% 7 link Notes
2006-04-03 I Don't Want to be your Friend 0% 16 link Notes
2006-04-14 Applesauce Baptism 3% 8 link Notes
2007-05-02 Evil April 0% 18 link Notes
2008-03-11 Radio Ready 0% 12 link Notes
2008-07-02 All We Could See at the Window 5% 4 link Notes
2008-07-26 Cryptic Comment 3% 13 link Notes

Graphical Timeline

Cryptic Comment (Song Fight! title)All We Could See at the Window (Song Fight! title)Radio Ready (Song Fight! title)Evil April (Song Fight! title)Applesauce Baptism (Song Fight! title)I Don't Want to be your Friend (Song Fight! title)I'm Warning You (Song Fight! title)Nothing Day (Song Fight! title)Clouds Were Touching the Ground (Song Fight! title)Not Exactly Normal (Song Fight! title)Adonai (Song Fight! title)Don't Think I Don't Miss You (Song Fight! title)

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