Jordan Seavers

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Jordan Seavers
Listen: SF Jukebox
First: We All Need Love (2005)
Latest: Robot Baby (2006)
Record: 8 wins / 12 entries (67%)

Song Fight! History

Date Title Vote% Rank Download Notes
2005-11-28 We All Need Love 22% 1 link Notes
2005-12-09 Fresh Dog 15% 2 link Notes
2005-12-23 We Have the Technology 21% 1 link Notes
2006-01-20 Don't Think I Don't Miss You 20% 2 link Notes
2006-02-06 We Are Perfect In Our Dreams 17% 1 link Notes
2006-03-08 Clouds Were Touching the Ground 39% 1 link Notes
2006-03-24 I'm Warning You 17% 2 link Notes
2006-04-21 Shoot For Tuesday 30% 1 link Notes
2006-05-18 Big Success 38% 1 link Notes
2006-07-07 Influential Film 22% 1 link Notes
2006-10-25 Plastic Rose 13% 2 link Notes
2006-11-03 Robot Baby 12% 1 link Notes

Graphical Timeline

Robot Baby (Song Fight! title)Plastic Rose (Song Fight! title)Influential Film (Song Fight! title)Big Success (Song Fight! title)Shoot For Tuesday (Song Fight! title)I'm Warning You (Song Fight! title)Clouds Were Touching the Ground (Song Fight! title)We Are Perfect In Our Dreams (Song Fight! title)Don't Think I Don't Miss You (Song Fight! title)We Have the Technology (Song Fight! title)Fresh Dog (Song Fight! title)We All Need Love (Song Fight! title)

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