Jolly Roger

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Jolly Roger
Artist Jolly Roger image.jpg
Location: Calgary, AB, Canada
Listen: SF Jukebox
First: Crack In My Heart (2006)
Latest: Sold Out (2009)
Record: 1 wins / 21 entries (5%)

Jolly Roger is a constant work in progress with a wide range of influences and musical styles. Not like he can play anything he likes, but check back in a year or two, and he'll be awesome.

Song Fight! History

Date Title Vote% Rank Download Notes
2006-02-06 Crack In My Heart 9% 4 link Notes
2006-02-13 Bitter Orange 1% 12 link Notes
2006-02-28 Not Exactly Normal 2% 10 link Notes
2006-03-08 Clouds Were Touching the Ground 4% 8 link Notes
2006-04-14 Sufficiently Intoxicated 2% 10 link Notes
2006-04-21 Peppermint Patty 0% 12 link Notes
2006-04-30 Rate of Decay 0% 15 link Notes
2006-05-29 Saving Throw 1% 9 link Notes
2006-06-09 Stairway to the Moon 0% 17 link Notes
2006-07-07 Influential Film 1% 12 link Notes
2006-07-28 Blank Stare 1% 9 link Notes
2006-07-28 Terror In Tiny Town 0% 12 link Notes
2006-09-04 Ignorance Is Bliss 6% 4 link Notes
2006-09-27 You Get The Wiser 3% 10 link Notes
2006-12-01 Glutton 0% 20 link Notes
2006-12-29 It Belongs To Me 11% 1 link Notes
2007-02-01 Convalescence 0% 21 link Notes
2007-03-16 Gray Rainbow 4% 7 link Notes
2007-05-02 Evil April 0% 18 link Notes
2007-07-12 Ottoman 1% 13 link Notes
2009-04-16 Sold Out 2% 16 link Notes

Graphical Timeline

Sold Out (Song Fight! title)Ottoman (Song Fight! title)Evil April (Song Fight! title)Gray Rainbow (Song Fight! title)Convalescence (Song Fight! title)It Belongs To Me (Song Fight! title)Glutton (Song Fight! title)You Get The Wiser (Song Fight! title)Ignorance Is Bliss (Song Fight! title)Terror In Tiny Town (Song Fight! title)Blank Stare (Song Fight! title)Influential Film (Song Fight! title)Stairway to the Moon (Song Fight! title)Saving Throw (Song Fight! title)Rate of Decay (Song Fight! title)Peppermint Patty (Song Fight! title)Sufficiently Intoxicated (Song Fight! title)Clouds Were Touching the Ground (Song Fight! title)Not Exactly Normal (Song Fight! title)Bitter Orange (Song Fight! title)Crack In My Heart (Song Fight! title)

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