Jan Krueger

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Jan Krueger
Artist Jan Krueger image.jpg
Location: Aachen, Germany
Website: link
Forum profile: link
Listen: SF Jukebox
First: Interesting Times (2008)
Latest: A Conversation (2012)
Record: 2 wins / 23 entries (9%)

Jan Krueger is some weird German dude who sometimes tries making great music. He's pretty mean on the internets.

Trivia: the proper German spelling for his name is Jan Krüger.

Song Fight! History

Date Title Vote% Rank Download Notes
2008-09-03 Interesting Times 3% 14 link Notes
2008-10-11 In The Tank 3% 13 link Notes
2008-10-22 Shoelace Soup 0% 20 link Notes
2008-11-05 Stomach For It 2% 11 link Notes
2008-11-24 City in Fog 2% 14 link Notes
2008-12-18 Half a Million Nerds 9% 1 link Notes
2009-01-01 Diggin' Out 2% 16 link Notes
2009-01-12 Elegy for Industry 3% 12 link Notes
2009-02-09 Come Down Where You Ought To Be 1% 25 link Notes
2009-02-20 We Keep Them Alive 5% 5 link Notes
2009-03-03 Green Eleven 2% 17 link Notes
2009-03-26 Back From Juvie 4% 10 link Notes
2009-04-27 Sorry to Inform you 6% 4 link Notes
2009-05-05 Fortune Cookie 5% 6 link Notes
2009-05-16 I Am A Target 2% 16 link Notes
2009-07-31 Dry Spell 6% 1 link Notes
2009-09-11 Sometimes It's Hard to Keep Yourself Moving 2% 18 link Notes
2009-11-05 Welcome Home Frank 3% 12 link Notes
2010-04-08 Double Life/Half Life 5% 8 link Notes
2010-05-14 What Kind of Love Are You Looking For 6% 8 link Notes
2011-05-25 Bag of Bones 1% 21 link Notes
2011-12-09 In Time of Crisis 5% 7 link Notes
2012-01-09 A Conversation 5% 8 link Notes

Graphical Timeline

A Conversation (Song Fight! title)In Time of Crisis (Song Fight! title)Bag of Bones (Song Fight! title)What Kind of Love Are You Looking For (Song Fight! title)Double Life/Half Life (Song Fight! title)Welcome Home Frank (Song Fight! title)Sometimes It's Hard to Keep Yourself Moving (Song Fight! title)Dry Spell (Song Fight! title)I Am A Target (Song Fight! title)Fortune Cookie (Song Fight! title)Sorry to Inform you (Song Fight! title)Back From Juvie (Song Fight! title)Green Eleven (Song Fight! title)We Keep Them Alive (Song Fight! title)Come Down Where You Ought To Be (Song Fight! title)Elegy for Industry (Song Fight! title)Diggin' Out (Song Fight! title)Half a Million Nerds (Song Fight! title)City in Fog (Song Fight! title)Stomach For It (Song Fight! title)Shoelace Soup (Song Fight! title)In The Tank (Song Fight! title)Interesting Times (Song Fight! title)

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