Interesting Times (Jan Krueger song)

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Interesting Times by Jan Krueger
Music by: Jan Krueger
Words by: Jan Krueger
Performed by: Bass Jan Krueger

Drums Jan Krueger (programmed instrument)
Guitar Jan Krueger

Vocals Jan Krueger
Engineered by: Jan Krueger
Mastered by: Jan Krueger
Leadsheet: link (File:Leadsheet-Jan Krueger-Interesting Times.pdf)
Published elsewhere: link



My very first submission to Song Fight! With this title, I decided to try my hand at writing a song with lots of different time signatures. The verses are in 5/8, the chorus is in 13/8 and the bridge is in 6/8. Worked out much better than I thought it would.

The style is a bit atypical for me in ways I don't quite know how to put in words. Perhaps it's because this was one of my very first songs that included electric guitar. Also back in the days when I had horrible, horrible drum samples and no decent sequencer, which I guess made the song much weaker than it could have been. I still like the song, though.

Fun fact: I lost some of the individual tracks for this song due to a combination of them being in the wrong place and a bit of overzealous housekeeping.


Electric guitar/bass Yamaha PAC112J
Electric guitar amp Roland Micro Cube
Steel string guitar Ibanez V72ECE (using internal pickups)
Microphone Studio Projects B1
Drums E-MU Proteus X LE


You try not to think, another drink
Stare at the wall, no way to fall
Each day goes by, you don't even try
Time for this to end, sanity depend
Do you want this to be your life?
Then your future is guaranteed to not arrive
Could pass right by you don't even care
Oh, open your eyes, the world is right there

We live in interesting times
Walk with your pockets full of dimes
It's your head, you can set it free
No limit to what you can see

Break out your shell, it's time to rebel
Go on the run, much to be done
See everything, memories to bring
Broaden your mind, no longer blind
You have wasted all those empty years
And haven't allowed yourself any fears
No risk means no fun, stop hiding alone
Go challenge yourself, make this life your own

We live in interesting times...

If it's worth having, it's going to cost you experience
Live it completely and you're gonna find that it feels intense
The doubt that you have built your prison with
Will fall away once you're really starting to live

To live in interesting times...
You'll live in interesting times...


  • Intro: Bm A Bm (etc). G Em D F#
  • Verses: Bm A Bm (etc.) G Em D C G Em C F#
  • Chorus: Bm A Bm A
  • Bridge: Bb C Bb C Bb G G# Bb C G# Bb G

From the review thread

Interesting time signature. Hard time understanding the lyrics. I think this is the first song that I've heard that went out of the way to advertise the interesting time. Well played. (Mike Lamb)

I really like the odd-time and how it shows its purpose in the chorus - song comes alive when extra vocals come in. Thumbs up. The odd time in verse create tension that gets released in chorus. I would mic the guitar instead of just using the internal pick-up. (mailbox)

I like the rhythm to start, and the chord progression into riffs are very interesting. The main melody is fine, if wobbly, while the wonderful backing vocals are tight and full. I start thinking there's some studio trickery involved in the back vocals, but then they sound live. Hmmm. Anyway, nice tune that would punch some serious face with bashing drums and a bit more rockitude, but the delivery here is enjoyable. It all could afford to be a bit looser, and remain slop-free, but understood that the time frame was short to write and produce. Nice work, hope you stick around. (I enjoyed your AAD as well) (Paco Del Stinko)

Hey, those *are* interesting times. Although a little sloppy in places, I really like the vox. This is cool and creative and apt for the title. Good job. (No Horse Town)

I like the split stereo harmony. The parallel instrument/vocal run in the chorus is nice too. (irwin)

This song has… some merit, I must admit. I kind of expect this somewhere in a 70’s spy flick. Maybe not quite bond, but somewhere along that caliber. Especially if the film took place somewhere in Egypt or perhaps the Middle East. I hate to admit this, but I can’t seem to pick up your Time Signature. I’m sure it’s just me. In some parts, it feels 6/8, other times 5/8, and yet others 7/8. I guess there’s nothing wrong with it—but it kind of feels disjointed at times. 5 of 10 (EmbersOfAutumn)

/// neat guitar riff and tone ///
+++ vox harmonies +++
/// lead vox sounds like a muppet ///

Very cool riff! This has a Fairport Convention vibe to it. I really enjoy all the harmony singing. Well done, not quite a vote grabber for me, but I enjoyed it! (glennny of Berkeley Social Scene)

cool guitar - kind of a meat puppets vibe (Billy's Little Trip)

My favourites in retrospect

These are the songs I actually like and remember from this round: Adam Dachis, Mailbox, Madgin and the Party Bears, The Narcaloungers, Todd McHatton

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