Heuristics Inc.

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Heuristics Inc.
Artist Heuristics Inc. image.jpg
Location: Maryland USA
Website: link
Listen: SF Jukebox
First: What We Need More Of Is Science (2003)
Latest: Right There At The Edge (2012)
Record: 0 wins / 18 entries (0%)

Heuristics Inc. creates "experimental" electronic music, staying away from any real genre classifications; instead, he just plays with whatever sounds come naturally at a given moment. Heuristics Inc's music encompasses both composition and free improvisation, sometimes in the same track. He has also been building a reputation as a remixer, of both vocal and instrumental tracks. The music tends to be dark, but with a healthy dose of silliness, combining influences from all over the spectrum to fuse into a sound that would be right at home in movie soundtracks.

Song Fight! History

Date Title Vote% Rank Download Notes
2003-08-18 What We Need More Of Is Science 0% 21 link Notes
2003-08-25 Space Cadet 1% 18 link Notes
2003-09-02 Accelerator 1% 19 link Notes
2003-09-15 Step Up 1% 20 link Notes
2003-09-26 Happy Machine Ankle 1% 14 link Notes
2003-10-28 Hold My Calls 2% 10 link Notes
2003-11-10 Violet Wants It Her Way 0% 22 link Notes
2003-12-12 Soft Orange Glow 0% 20 link Notes
2004-04-27 Fight the Sea 0% 13 link Notes
2004-06-14 Thanks for Coming 0% 11 link Notes
2004-09-06 Gift with Purchase 3% 5 link Notes
2004-11-15 Dark All Day 1% 12 link Notes
2005-02-14 We Are All Famous 5% 6 link Notes
2005-09-02 Rattle 4% 10 link Notes
2006-01-28 Galaxies Floating on a Dark Matter Stream 2% 9 link Notes
2006-09-15 Control Yourself 0% 25 link Notes
2009-11-26 Your New Dress 1% 22 link Notes
2012-02-11 Right There At The Edge 1% 17 link Notes

Graphical Timeline

Right There At The Edge (Song Fight! title)Your New Dress (Song Fight! title)Control Yourself (Song Fight! title)Galaxies Floating on a Dark Matter Stream (Song Fight! title)Rattle (Song Fight! title)We Are All Famous (Song Fight! title)Dark All Day (Song Fight! title)Gift with Purchase (Song Fight! title)Thanks for Coming (Song Fight! title)Fight the Sea (Song Fight! title)Soft Orange Glow (Song Fight! title)Violet Wants It Her Way (Song Fight! title)Hold My Calls (Song Fight! title)Happy Machine Ankle (Song Fight! title)Step Up (Song Fight! title)Accelerator (Song Fight! title)Space Cadet (Song Fight! title)What We Need More Of Is Science (Song Fight! title)

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