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  • Artist pages should be named "Artist Name (artist)"
  • Song title pages should be named "Song Title (Song Fight! title)", "Song Title (Nur Ein title)", or "Song Title (<sidefight> title)"
  • Artists may have pages where they elaborate about their entry - this would be "Song Title (<Artist> song)"
  • All artist and title pages can be redirected to by the page with their name, unless there is a conflict which needs disambiguation
  • Categories and collection pages should be annoyingly (unambigious) descriptive. Like "List of Song Fight! titles in 2005 that start with J". Although if it's that descriptive, the page is probably unnecessary.


  • "Manhattan Glutton (artist)"
  • "Isle Dauphine (Manhattan Glutton song)"
  • "Isle Dauphine (Song Fight! title)"
  • "Isle Dauphine" (redirects to Song Fight title)

Technical Limitations

Some names may need to be "wikified". See wikipedia

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