Gil Sans

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Gil Sans
Listen: SF Jukebox
First: I LOVE YOU (2001)
Latest: Postcard (2002)
Record: 1 wins / 8 entries (13%)

Song Fight! History

Date Title Vote% Rank Download Notes
2001-01-29 I LOVE YOU link Notes
2001-02-24 Midnight Rendezvous link Notes
2001-03-05 Don't Dance link Notes
2001-04-30 New Planet link Notes
2001-07-27 Birds Of Our Own link Notes
2001-10-17 Snow Globe link Notes
2001-12-07 Alarm In The Graduate School 1 link Notes
2002-06-10 Postcard link Notes

Graphical Timeline

Postcard (Song Fight! title)Alarm In The Graduate School (Song Fight! title)Snow Globe (Song Fight! title)Birds Of Our Own (Song Fight! title)New Planet (Song Fight! title)Don't Dance (Song Fight! title)Midnight Rendezvous (Song Fight! title)I LOVE YOU (Song Fight! title)

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