Forty Second Songs

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Forty Second Songs
Artist Forty Second Songs image.jpg
Listen: SF Jukebox
First: Put Cindy Back On The Bus (2003)
Latest: Tank Top (2005)
Record: 5 wins / 22 entries (23%)

Song Fight! History

Date Title Vote% Rank Download Notes
2003-12-12 Put Cindy Back On The Bus 7% 6 link Notes
2003-12-19 Tomorrow's Almost Over 6% 6 link Notes
2003-12-29 Dog Without Warning 5% 6 link Notes
2004-01-30 Crinkle Binkle 12% 3 link Notes
2004-02-06 Goodbye Monster 5% 6 link Notes
2004-03-08 Lizard Wizard 9% 3 link Notes
2004-04-05 Zombie Son 0% 5 link Notes
2004-04-12 Don't Forget to Come to My House on Wednesday 20% 1 link Notes
2004-04-27 A Very Unlikely Occurrence 8% 2 link Notes
2004-05-04 Mission Accomplished 26% 1 link Notes
2004-05-12 There Are So Many Possibilities 7% 4 link Notes
2004-05-28 So Kind Stacey 9% 6 link Notes
2004-06-30 A Spring of Teal 15% 2 link Notes
2004-08-06 The Gutter 8% 4 link Notes
2004-08-16 Gin or Ginseng 13% 3 link Notes
2004-08-23 Can't Take Our Love Away 8% 6 link Notes
2004-08-30 Waiting Takes Time 6% 5 link Notes
2004-09-06 As Icons of my Youth Fall Silent 20% 1 link Notes
2004-10-25 Shaving in the Dark 20% 1 link Notes
2004-11-08 I Am Tempted 9% 3 link Notes
2005-03-09 Snow Fort 43% 1 link Notes
2005-03-09 Tank Top 8% 6 link Notes

Graphical Timeline

Tank Top (Song Fight! title)Snow Fort (Song Fight! title)I Am Tempted (Song Fight! title)Shaving in the Dark (Song Fight! title)As Icons of my Youth Fall Silent (Song Fight! title)Waiting Takes Time (Song Fight! title)Can't Take Our Love Away (Song Fight! title)Gin or Ginseng (Song Fight! title)The Gutter (Song Fight! title)A Spring of Teal (Song Fight! title)So Kind Stacey (Song Fight! title)There Are So Many Possibilities (Song Fight! title)Mission Accomplished (Song Fight! title)A Very Unlikely Occurrence (Song Fight! title)Don't Forget to Come to My House on Wednesday (Song Fight! title)Zombie Son (Song Fight! title)Lizard Wizard (Song Fight! title)Goodbye Monster (Song Fight! title)Crinkle Binkle (Song Fight! title)Dog Without Warning (Song Fight! title)Tomorrow's Almost Over (Song Fight! title)Put Cindy Back On The Bus (Song Fight! title)

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