Experimental Fashion (Song Fight! title)

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"Experimental Fashion"
SF experimental fashion cover.png
Dates: November 23, 2001 to
November 30, 2001
Winner: Banjo V
Votes cast: 0
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Song Fight! titles
"Indie Rock Bottom" "Experimental Fashion" "Alarm In The Graduate School"

Fightmaster summary

Today is officialy declared Banjo V day! Don't forget to stay home from work or school every year on this day.
Artist Votes Rank Vote % Download Notes
Add link Notes
Amsmspsptk link Notes
A River Of Seas Washing Gently link Notes
Banjo V 1 link Notes
DDA link Notes
Grimacing Forefather link Notes
Grovy Coldslaw link Notes
Jippers link Notes
Monorail Racetrack link Notes
Noble Tomato link Notes
Octothorpe link Notes
Rewinder link Notes
Raised By Wolves link Notes
Satanic Cereal link Notes
Sun Li link Notes
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