Dog Boy Hits the Skids (Song Fight! title)

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"Dog Boy Hits the Skids"
SF dog boy hits the skids cover.jpg
Dates: February 14, 2005 to
February 21, 2005
Winner: Eight Legged Oedipus
Votes cast: 71
External links
Listen: SF Jukebox
Discussion: link
Archive: link
Song Fight! titles
"Shut Up and Sit Down" "Dog Boy Hits the Skids" "Sarah Vowell's Motto"

Fightmaster summary

Everyone scores in the top three! Wo0t!
Artist Votes Rank Vote % Download Notes
Eight Legged Oedipus 48 1 67% link Notes
Father Bingo 19 2 26% link Notes
¬°Juiceharp! 4 3 5% link Notes
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