Doctor Worm

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Doctor Worm
Artist Doctor Worm image.jpg
Listen: SF Jukebox
First: Red Robot (2001)
Latest: Come Down Where You Ought To Be (2009)
Record: 4 wins / 21 entries (20%)

Song Fight! History

Date Title Vote% Rank Download Notes
2001-07-06 Red Robot link Notes
2001-08-17 Firecrackers link Notes
2001-10-17 Snow Globe 1 link Notes
2002-01-28 Floating Bridge link Notes
2002-02-25 Hotel link Notes
2002-07-12 Criminal Charges link Notes
2002-07-29 Funny Enough For You link Notes
2002-12-16 Not This Time 1 link Notes
2003-05-02 Shreds 3% 10 link Notes
2003-11-10 Violet Wants It Her Way 11% 2 link Notes
2003-11-17 Please Don't Call Me Ken 19% 1 link Notes
2003-11-25 I Don't Believe You 9% 5 link Notes
2004-02-13 Romantic Cheapskate 2% 5 link Notes
2004-02-20 That's Not What I Need 6% 5 link Notes
2004-07-23 Quentin Tarantino 24% 1 link Notes
2004-08-23 Can't Take Our Love Away 9% 5 link Notes
2004-10-11 Start Over 9% 5 link Notes
2005-01-31 Glass Eye 9% 3 link Notes
2006-04-03 Up All Night 10% 3 link Notes
2007-02-12 Get A Life 10% 3 link Notes
2009-02-09 Come Down Where You Ought To Be 5% 5 link Notes

Graphical Timeline

Come Down Where You Ought To Be (Song Fight! title)Get A Life (Song Fight! title)Up All Night (Song Fight! title)Glass Eye (Song Fight! title)Start Over (Song Fight! title)Can't Take Our Love Away (Song Fight! title)Quentin Tarantino (Song Fight! title)That's Not What I Need (Song Fight! title)Romantic Cheapskate (Song Fight! title)I Don't Believe You (Song Fight! title)Please Don't Call Me Ken (Song Fight! title)Violet Wants It Her Way (Song Fight! title)Shreds (Song Fight! title)Not This Time (Song Fight! title)Funny Enough For You (Song Fight! title)Criminal Charges (Song Fight! title)Hotel (Song Fight! title)Floating Bridge (Song Fight! title)Snow Globe (Song Fight! title)Firecrackers (Song Fight! title)Red Robot (Song Fight! title)

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