Do It For Captain (Song Fight! title)

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"Do It For Captain"
SF do it for captain cover.png
Dates: June 20, 2001 to
June 28, 2001
Winner: Cap'n Swank And The Jesus Monkey
Votes cast: 0
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Song Fight! titles
"I Can See You" "Do It For Captain" "Red Robot"

Fightmaster summary

Bling Bling! Catch the shine off Cap'n Swank! Watch y'all ain't get burned irises! Must be the one we done it fo.
Artist Votes Rank Vote % Download Notes
Add link Notes
Cap'n Swank And The Jesus Monkey 1 link Notes
Echo Layer link Notes
Captain Barducci link Notes
John Benjamin Big Face link Notes
Octothorpe link Notes
Raised By Wolves link Notes
Swedish Masturbation Unit link Notes
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