Death Plunge (Song Fight! title)

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"Death Plunge"
SF death plunge cover.gif
Dates: April 2, 2003 to
April 9, 2003
Winner: Catherine Hanley featuring sonofsupercar
Votes cast: 119
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Listen: SF Jukebox
Discussion: link
Archive: link
Song Fight! titles
"Straw Man" "Death Plunge" "Look Good in Black"

Fightmaster summary

Octothorpe gets almost 2% of the vote with the real action happening at the other end of the scale. Glorious Mono picks up a quarter of the fans in a fine effort, but cannot overcome but Catherine Hanley, who laps the field in the sonofsupercar to a definitive victory with nearly half the overall vote count.
Artist Votes Rank Vote % Download Notes
Catherine Hanley featuring sonofsupercar 48 1 40% link Notes
Glorious Mono 27 2 22% link Notes
Setec Astronomy 8 5 6% link Notes
Klownhole 5 6 4% link Notes
Octothorpe 2 7 1% link Notes
Team:Music 19 3 15% link Notes
The Landfills 10 4 8% link Notes
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