Bonjour, Mon Ami (Song Fight! title)

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"Bonjour, Mon Ami"
SF bonjour mon ami cover.jpg
Dates: October 11, 2004 to
October 19, 2004
Winner: Josh Woodward
Votes cast: 67
External links
Listen: SF Jukebox
Discussion: link
Archive: link
Song Fight! titles
"Nearly Burned the House Down" "Bonjour, Mon Ami" "Moon Shine"

Fightmaster summary

Bonjour, Josh Woodward, you win again. Nice try by Matt, and Johnny and Ray are back there, too.
Artist Votes Rank Vote % Download Notes
Caravan Ray 8 3 11% link Notes
Down With Gender 5 5 7% link Notes
Johnny Cashpoint 8 3 11% link Notes
Josh Woodward 29 1 43% link Notes
Matt Glossy and the 8x10s 15 2 22% link Notes
MC Feat 2 6 2% link Notes
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