Bite Size (Song Fight! title)

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"Bite Size"
SF bite size cover.jpg
Dates: February 14, 2005 to
February 21, 2005
Winner: Mellified Man
Votes cast: 60
External links
Listen: SF Jukebox
Discussion: link
Archive: link
Song Fight! titles
"Naked on the Meach" "Bite Size" "1000 Words"

Fightmaster summary

Mellified Man is the big winner here, unless you add up everyone else's votes, in which case the field beats him by two.
Artist Votes Rank Vote % Download Notes
Andy Balham 4 5 6% link Notes
A Case of Octothorpe 7 4 11% link Notes
Edge of LA 11 2 18% link Notes
Mellified Man 29 1 48% link Notes
Smell AIDS Experience 9 3 15% link Notes
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