Bell Green

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Bell Green
Listen: SF Jukebox
First: Nicely Toasted (2004)
Latest: Too Far Away (2006)
Record: 1 wins / 12 entries (9%)

Song Fight! History

Date Title Vote% Rank Download Notes
2004-03-29 Nicely Toasted 7% 6 link Notes
2004-04-05 Third String 0% 2 link Notes
2004-04-20 Gettin' All Sweaty 3% 8 link Notes
2004-04-27 Take a Pill 6% 7 link Notes
2004-10-19 Nearly Burned the House Down 18% 2 link Notes
2004-10-25 Shaving in the Dark 8% 6 link Notes
2004-11-01 Half a Stone 14% 1 link Notes
2005-01-24 Fell Out of the Sky 5% 7 link Notes
2005-07-13 Pink Skirt 7% 3 link Notes
2005-07-21 Obey All The Laws 7% 5 link Notes
2005-09-09 Sign My Box 5% 6 link Notes
2006-01-20 Too Far Away 1% 14 link Notes

Graphical Timeline

Too Far Away (Song Fight! title)Sign My Box (Song Fight! title)Obey All The Laws (Song Fight! title)Pink Skirt (Song Fight! title)Fell Out of the Sky (Song Fight! title)Half a Stone (Song Fight! title)Shaving in the Dark (Song Fight! title)Nearly Burned the House Down (Song Fight! title)Take a Pill (Song Fight! title)Gettin' All Sweaty (Song Fight! title)Third String (Song Fight! title)Nicely Toasted (Song Fight! title)

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