Andy Balham

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Andy Balham
Listen: SF Jukebox
First: The Wrong Girl (2005)
Latest: Jesus On The Intercom (2006)
Record: 0 wins / 9 entries (0%)

Song Fight! History

Date Title Vote% Rank Download Notes
2005-01-17 The Wrong Girl 1% 13 link Notes
2005-02-14 Hollywood Fantasy 1% 9 link Notes
2005-02-21 Bite Size 6% 5 link Notes
2005-05-02 Brand New Car 1% 16 link Notes
2005-07-13 Pink Skirt 4% 8 link Notes
2005-10-07 Boundaries 0% 17 link Notes
2005-11-28 Other Places I Have Lived 0% 20 link Notes
2006-01-20 Don't Think I Don't Miss You 0% 23 link Notes
2006-06-26 Jesus On The Intercom 0% 14 link Notes

Graphical Timeline

Jesus On The Intercom (Song Fight! title)Don't Think I Don't Miss You (Song Fight! title)Other Places I Have Lived (Song Fight! title)Boundaries (Song Fight! title)Pink Skirt (Song Fight! title)Brand New Car (Song Fight! title)Bite Size (Song Fight! title)Hollywood Fantasy (Song Fight! title)The Wrong Girl (Song Fight! title)

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