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Adam Adamant
Artist Adam Adamant image.jpg
Forum profile: link
Listen: SF Jukebox
First: We Were Not Meant to Be (2007)
Latest: Cost of Living (2009)
Record: 0 wins / 17 entries (0%)

Song Fight! History

Date Title Vote% Rank Download Notes
2007-05-22 We Were Not Meant to Be 0% 35 link Notes
2007-06-06 The Sugar Shaker 0% 29 link Notes
2007-06-22 Late To A Funeral 2% 11 link Notes
2007-07-12 Ottoman 1% 13 link Notes
2007-10-26 Night Terrors 1% 19 link Notes
2007-12-03 501 0% 17 link Notes
2007-12-14 Just To Be Difficult 0% 24 link Notes
2008-01-07 With A Bang 4% 6 link Notes
2008-02-29 At the Arcade 0% 20 link Notes
2008-07-02 All We Could See at the Window 3% 13 link Notes
2008-07-15 In the Valley 2% 17 link Notes
2008-11-24 City in Fog 1% 20 link Notes
2009-01-12 Elegy for Industry 1% 25 link Notes
2009-02-09 Come Down Where You Ought To Be 3% 11 link Notes
2009-04-06 Spin the Bottle 1% 20 link Notes
2009-04-16 Sold Out 3% 10 link Notes
2009-12-10 Cost of Living 0% 24 link Notes

Graphical Timeline

Cost of Living (Song Fight! title)Sold Out (Song Fight! title)Spin the Bottle (Song Fight! title)Come Down Where You Ought To Be (Song Fight! title)Elegy for Industry (Song Fight! title)City in Fog (Song Fight! title)In the Valley (Song Fight! title)All We Could See at the Window (Song Fight! title)At the Arcade (Song Fight! title)With A Bang (Song Fight! title)Just To Be Difficult (Song Fight! title)501 (Song Fight! title)Night Terrors (Song Fight! title)Ottoman (Song Fight! title)Late To A Funeral (Song Fight! title)The Sugar Shaker (Song Fight! title)We Were Not Meant to Be (Song Fight! title)

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