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Artist Abecedarian image.jpg
Location: Los Angeles, California
Website: link
Listen: SF Jukebox
First: Need Stilts (2003)
Latest: One Less (2005)
Record: 0 wins / 21 entries (0%)

Abecedarian is a human swiss army knife of possibility. He has an astounding ability to tackle literally any human activity with the basic assumption that he can do anything. What he lacks in musical training is more than made up for by a good ear, intense passion, and a peculiar sense of humour that seeps through every song that he makes. He could just as easily have a major scientific breakthrough, become a famous artist, or become a multimillionaire businessman, but I tend to think of him as forever locked away in obscure pursuits, chasing down da Vincian dreams with Pucellian passion.

Song Fight! History

Date Title Vote% Rank Download Notes
2003-08-11 Need Stilts 1% 14 link Notes
2003-08-18 What We Need More Of Is Science 1% 16 link Notes
2003-11-17 Feathers 6% 6 link Notes
2003-12-02 Cosmic Confirmation 2% 11 link Notes
2003-12-12 Put Cindy Back On The Bus 1% 12 link Notes
2003-12-12 Soft Orange Glow 0% 28 link Notes
2003-12-19 Tomorrow's Almost Over 4% 8 link Notes
2004-02-13 Moscow, Idaho 0% 19 link Notes
2004-02-20 That's Not What I Need 4% 8 link Notes
2004-02-27 I Want To Get Better 2% 14 link Notes
2004-05-20 A Promise is a Promise 2% 10 link Notes
2004-06-23 Please the Pig 1% 8 link Notes
2004-06-30 Texas 1% 11 link Notes
2004-07-09 A Day in the Life 7% 4 link Notes
2004-07-23 Dizzy Spells 3% 10 link Notes
2004-12-31 Run Faster 0% 21 link Notes
2005-01-24 Fell Out of the Sky 0% 18 link Notes
2005-02-14 Failure and Regret 8% 4 link Notes
2005-03-25 Systematic Panic 6% 5 link Notes
2005-04-08 Rule of Thump 27% 2 link Notes
2005-07-29 One Less 1% 14 link Notes

Graphical Timeline

One Less (Song Fight! title)Rule of Thump (Song Fight! title)Systematic Panic (Song Fight! title)Failure and Regret (Song Fight! title)Fell Out of the Sky (Song Fight! title)Run Faster (Song Fight! title)Dizzy Spells (Song Fight! title)A Day in the Life (Song Fight! title)Texas (Song Fight! title)Please the Pig (Song Fight! title)A Promise is a Promise (Song Fight! title)I Want To Get Better (Song Fight! title)That's Not What I Need (Song Fight! title)Moscow, Idaho (Song Fight! title)Tomorrow's Almost Over (Song Fight! title)Soft Orange Glow (Song Fight! title)Put Cindy Back On The Bus (Song Fight! title)Cosmic Confirmation (Song Fight! title)Feathers (Song Fight! title)What We Need More Of Is Science (Song Fight! title)Need Stilts (Song Fight! title)

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