A Kid Named Ace

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A Kid Named Ace
Location: (dissolved)
Website: link
Listen: SF Jukebox
First: Need Stilts (2003)
Latest: She's On My Mind (2004)
Record: 3 wins / 5 entries (60%)

A Kid Named Ace has broken up and will never enter songfight again. The last time they entered a fight, they were accused of "friend flooding" the vote, which was very insulting to them.

Song Fight! History

Date Title Vote% Rank Download Notes
2003-08-11 Need Stilts 17% 2 link Notes
2003-08-18 What We Need More Of Is Science 1% 10 link Notes
2003-09-02 Accelerator 11% 1 link Notes
2003-12-02 Dirty Chucks 31% 1 link Notes
2004-04-12 She's On My Mind 20% 1 link Notes

Graphical Timeline

She's On My Mind (Song Fight! title)Dirty Chucks (Song Fight! title)Accelerator (Song Fight! title)What We Need More Of Is Science (Song Fight! title)Need Stilts (Song Fight! title)

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