15-16 Puzzle

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15-16 Puzzle
Artist 15-16 Puzzle image.jpg
Location: Austin, Texas
Website: link
Listen: SF Jukebox
First: Secrets (2002)
Latest: The Proposal (2009)
Record: 1 wins / 33 entries (4%)

15-16 puzzle makes catchy music for cute girls to sing around the office.

Song Fight! History

Date Title Vote% Rank Download Notes
2002-01-04 Secrets link Notes
2002-01-28 Floating Bridge link Notes
2002-02-01 Rot To Fill link Notes
2002-02-19 On My Block link Notes
2002-02-25 Hotel link Notes
2002-03-08 World Of Screens link Notes
2002-03-15 Grandfather Sword link Notes
2002-04-01 Bad Dreams link Notes
2002-05-09 Last Date link Notes
2002-06-10 Postcard link Notes
2002-07-12 Criminal Charges link Notes
2002-07-29 Funny Enough For You link Notes
2002-08-12 Back To The Airplanes link Notes
2002-08-20 Cemetery link Notes
2002-11-04 Don't Fix It link Notes
2002-12-16 Not This Time link Notes
2003-03-19 Let's Get Naked 19% 2 link Notes
2003-03-26 Cancer 6% 8 link Notes
2003-06-16 Birthdays And Breakups 8% 4 link Notes
2003-07-14 Gonna Be Your Man 2% 4 link Notes
2003-07-21 Mumbo Jumbo 4% 8 link Notes
2003-07-28 Unless I Change My Mind 1% 16 link Notes
2003-11-17 Please Don't Call Me Ken 14% 3 link Notes
2004-01-23 Fire Bomb 7% 4 link Notes
2004-02-20 That's Not What I Need 3% 13 link Notes
2004-05-12 Twelve Monkeys 5% 7 link Notes
2004-07-16 WTF 13% 3 link Notes
2004-11-01 Left/Right 4% 7 link Notes
2004-12-03 Red Skates 15% 2 link Notes
2005-01-24 Fell Out of the Sky 7% 6 link Notes
2005-02-07 The Truth About Aspartame 11% 4 link Notes
2006-02-28 Oversleeping 16% 1 link Notes
2009-03-14 The Proposal 8% 3 link Notes

Graphical Timeline

The Proposal (Song Fight! title)Oversleeping (Song Fight! title)The Truth About Aspartame (Song Fight! title)Fell Out of the Sky (Song Fight! title)Red Skates (Song Fight! title)Left/Right (Song Fight! title)WTF (Song Fight! title)Twelve Monkeys (Song Fight! title)That's Not What I Need (Song Fight! title)Fire Bomb (Song Fight! title)Please Don't Call Me Ken (Song Fight! title)Unless I Change My Mind (Song Fight! title)Mumbo Jumbo (Song Fight! title)Gonna Be Your Man (Song Fight! title)Birthdays And Breakups (Song Fight! title)Cancer (Song Fight! title)Let's Get Naked (Song Fight! title)Not This Time (Song Fight! title)Don't Fix It (Song Fight! title)Cemetery (Song Fight! title)Back To The Airplanes (Song Fight! title)Funny Enough For You (Song Fight! title)Criminal Charges (Song Fight! title)Postcard (Song Fight! title)Last Date (Song Fight! title)Bad Dreams (Song Fight! title)Grandfather Sword (Song Fight! title)World Of Screens (Song Fight! title)Hotel (Song Fight! title)On My Block (Song Fight! title)Rot To Fill (Song Fight! title)Floating Bridge (Song Fight! title)Secrets (Song Fight! title)

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